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Kosta Petrovic is a 22 years old left back from Serbia, who has recently found a new club in Czech republic thanks to our site Congratulations Kosta to your first international transfer and let’s ask you some question about you and your transfer…

  • I suppose, this has been your first transfer abroad. Have you collaborated with an agent?

Yes, this is my first international transfer. I don’t have agent, so I had to do everything myself. Not so smart, I know, but this is my first year out, so my plan was just to get away from Serbia.

  • So how did it look like? I mean technically?

I didn’t sign the contract yet, but I will in couple a days. Technically it was all ok, I mean it always can be better, but I have no reasons to complain.

  • Could you please compare the level of Serbian and Czech handball top leagues?

Superleague in Serbia and Czech Extraliga are not that much different from my perspective. Serbian league has better players and has a little bit more quality. But not too much, it is just a different style of play I think.

  • You have just recently moved to Czech republic, can you tell us how you like it here, especially in Brno? We are interested in your first impressions.

Brno is very nice, people are very welcoming too. Not too urban and that is is very very good for me.

  • If the Czech republic is not your final destination, speaking about your future plans in sports/handball, what is be your dream club, league or country you would like to play in?

I really do not know what to tell you, but for me Spain or Macedonia are the countries where I would like to play in couple of years. Maybe also Germany or Austria. Maybe I will stay in Brno more than I planned. We will see. In half a year I will go and try to find a manager, so in year, two when I finish this trip to Brno, if something else opens up, why not then.

  • If you ever want to go play elsewhere, will you use the Player profile service again? And why so?

I will definitely use your site, because you never know, like i didn’t know that I’m going to get here. Your site is very easy to use, not expensive and it opens doors to something new. I will register again and I have already told my handball friends about and that they should try it.

Zdroj foto: KP Brno

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