Rok Selaković, goalkeeper: “When the game is close in the last 10 minutes the video analysis comes into work”

Rok Selakovic, a 23 year old goal-keeper from Slovenia who after playing in the top Slovenian league decided to move to Germany. What was his journey like? How is the top Slovenian league different from the third german league? And how does this talented goal-keeper prepare for his matches? Read our interview to find out.

  1.     You left Slovenia at 21, what was the main reason for going abroad?

The main reason was to go abroad to prove myself in an different country. I had a lot of offers from other clubs but in the end I choose Germany because as we all know 1st Bundesliga is known as the best handball league in the world.

  1. Do you have experience with playing in the Slovenian national team?

Yes I was fortunate enough to play in all the youth national teams, the only thing I regret is not playing in any big competitions (WM, EM) for some or other reasons, but I learned a lot from the coaches and the other players I trained with in the national team.

  1. As a goalkeeper, you need to cooperate with the defense. Could you compare 1st Slovenian league and Germany from this point of view? Does the level of the shooters also differ?

I always say that 80% of the goalkeepers saves depend on the work from the defense, no goalkeeper can play good with the help and hard work of the defense, so you have to communicate with the defense so they allow the toughest shot for the opponent. I think that the level of the shooters is a little different, in Slovenia was more tactics in the play of the offense, in Germany it is usually 1:1 and they play quicker handball than in Slovenia.

  1. Aside from training with the team goalkeepers usually use also other training methods such as video analysis or special exercises. How do you prepare yourself for your opponents?

I usually look the last 3-4 games of the opponents 2 or 3 times, so that I know where is their favorite shot, from what position and if they take in consideration where the block stands. I think that when the game is close in the last 10 minutes the video analysis comes into work. Because the players usually shot their ‘’go to shot’’ because they are the most confident in that shot.

  1. You are only 23 years old, for a goalkeeper it is just the beginning of the career. What are your dream handball destinations and how do you have any plans for your future?

My dream handball destination is the Bundesliga, I know it is not going to be easy but you need to set your goals high and put in the work, because I think that talent is only 20% and the other is hard work and determination, only with hard work you will reach your goals. I don’t look too much into the future I am 100% focused on handball, like you said I am still young for a goalkeeper and I still have a lot of work to do, but if I have to answer this question I would like to stay in handball as a coach because I think I could give a lot to the younger goalkeepers, because I had the enormous luck to train with the best goalkeepers in history of handball like Arsnalagič, Omeyer, Šarič, Alilović and so on.

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